Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Chocolat and other random ideas

We met at Chocolat and I quickly came to a conclusion.

The conclusion, well at least mine, was that good things can come from bad or less good. They are related to each other helping to maintain some form of balance. The snow brought all sorts of problems but on the whole good things came from it: collectively we rose to the challenge, we thought of others first and we played spontaneously, these things may have been absent on a large scale if it hadn't snowed.

So members of the Group who weren't held back by the snow arrived in a positive frame of mind. The snow had gone but the memory lingered. We are better when we're forced to make decisions agaianst a common enemy.

So it was in that context that we dicussed what we're going to do as a Group this year and wondered whether all these potentially disruptive local and global events could give rise to something better. Recession, climate change and poverty demand us to question the imapct we have made in past. This necessary moment of reflection can help us to shape a better future. Better for us personally, professionally and collectively.

We called this Renaissance. A process of re-birth.

That's something for us all to feel positive about. History has shown that in moments of adversity we become more creative, dynamic and spirited. Now is that time.

We would like to help nurture this movement. Shine a light on it and help it grow as an inspiration for those strategists within our industry looking to help shape a new future and more broadly champion Renaissance Britain in what shape or form it takes.

Check back for details of how our movement unfolds and if you can help us on the way then feel free to join in.

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