Wednesday 4 March 2009

Lantana: March Meet up

Everyone is busy. That's good. Although not so good when it means no-one can turn up to the Stratgey Group Meeting. But heh, there was me & Max. And I can say that we kicked ass in every sense.

Anyway that's the moan over.

Now to the venue - Lantana.

Image courtesy of World Foodie Guide.

Service is great & so is the food. I can see why Richard likes it so much. But it's a bit cosy for a group of 10! Thankfully we only had to accomodate 5 people.

Subjects were far ranging. Adah is off to South America for 3 weeks and Max has a new job at Kindred. The world is going to end etc.

And in respect of what we're up to...

We are planning an event in May on Unconventional Thinking with some interesting thinkers. I will be a lo-fi event with lots of chance to interact and meet other like-minded thinkers before and afterwards. If you would to know more or would like to speak let us know.

There also plans for a book & plans for the Annual Conference.

There's a meeting in April and there is space for one guest a month so if you'd like that to be you then please contact Adah at the IPA.

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Will said...

Of course, you could join up with the fortnightly coffee mornings which are held there.

The next one's tomorrow at 8.30. There will be coffee, and there will be planningy chat.